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Awara Adventure Farm


Awara Adventure Farm Gurgaon

Welcome to Awara Adventure Farm , Gurgaon, Haryana.There are various ways in whice a man entertains himself. picnic is kind of an open air entertainment which is well served by Awara Adventure Farm, Gurgaon. After Successful operation of one year, Awara camp Dhanaulti Uttarakhand feels blessed to be able to come up with a new project in Delhi NCR region.

Awara Adventure Tourism (Blowsom Farm Gurgaon) is made to promote adventure tourism and take it to next level. Keeping this in mind we have selected Aravali Hills which is closest to hill from National capital of India. we have tried to woo our guests with various elements of experience here.

Once you started driving on hills of Aravali, beautiful the rocky and elated roads of the hills, fresh breaths of air and lush green bushes along the roads is itself a beauty to behold which calms the mind and soul and accelerates one in the peaceful world.

Awara farm is located at Aravali Retreat, Raisana village for which one has to pass from the beautiful tikli village to Badshapur in Gurgaon.

Our aim is to develop farm tourism with adventure related activites, indoor and outdoor sports, village themed games and a lot more. Team Awara has committed itself to give the best services to the people from all the walks of life regardless their age and keep well in mind the varied choices of our guests.

We deal with corporates group outing for fun activities and team building, family looking for a weekend getaways, school picnics and couples for romantic ambience.